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Tight muscles are your body’s way of telling you there’s something wrong.


However, few people realise that their muscles unconsciously hold the answers to their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and that by releasing these tensions and restoring a free flow of energy to the body, balance and harmony is restored to all aspects of life.

Body Psychology® is a combination of Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupunture, and Energy Medicine theories and practices developed by kinesiologist and energy practitioner, Robyn Burgess, that helps find the underlying cause of disharmony in mind, body and spirit bringing them back into balance.

When combined with massage, Body Psychology® provides a unique system that:

  • pinpoints the energetic blocks causing physical pain and muscle dysfunction

  • identifies the underlying emotional and psychological stress patterns causing the issue and 

  • provides the exact correction YOUR body needs to realign on all levels.

Our Body Psychology® Kinesiology and Body Psychology® Massage sessions will leave you relaxed, and with an incredible sense of alignment - physically, mentally and emotionally - for weeks not just days.

Get your body balanced and your life back on track.

Only a Body Psychology® qualified therapist can give you an in depth understanding of the psychology behind your stress.


CONTACT US & experience the difference of complete life balance today.

What is Body Psychology Massage
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