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If you’re like many of my clients, you want to grow your business in a way that feels good to you. Your own way.

You definitely don’t want to follow someone else’s formula, get caught up in comparisonitis, stuck in overwhelm, or get stuck seeking answers outside yourself. You want to feel in control, and connected to your own guidance. Grounded. Aligned. Purposeful.


But we all get stuck, at times.


So many things can throw you off course when you work for yourself.

Fear, self-doubt, money blocks, plans that don’t work out, unsubscribes, refund requests, failed launches. It’s so easy to get blocked.


Although I’ll bet there’s a lot you’re doing right in your business, there may be some things that are really holding you back:

  • You’re not yet attracting the number of clients you need

  • You feel like you’re getting in your own way

  • You have fears about visibility

  • You feel like you’ve got money blocks

  • Maybe you feel a bit funny about your fees or blocked around achieving your next income goal

  • Sometimes you might even know what’s holding you back but don’t know how to shift it

  • You might have been in business for a while and have experienced success, but you want or need to make changes and blocks are coming up


I want to help you deepen your connection to your own guidance.


When I work with my entrepreneurial clients, one of the key things I help them do is to connect to their own wisdom. I created Align + Attract to teach you how to align your energy to your business goals in a range of specific areas. If you want to attract more ideal clients and feel solid with your fees and confident as you work towards your next income milestone, this course is for you.

It can feel easier.


You can learn how to release the blocks that are holding you back. You can learn how to deeply support yourself and access your own internal answers with far more confidence. You can learn how to feel clear and calm as you move forwards feeling like you’re on the right path for you.

Let me teach you how!



We might think we want a successful business, but in reality our words, feelings, thoughts + actions may not be aligned to our true intentions. It’s so important to get clear on what you REALLY want and we start by setting big picture intentions.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to align your words, feelings, thoughts + actions with what you really desire.

  • How to align to powerful intentions for this course + your business, such as aligning your business with your Soul, if that’s what you desire.




Perhaps you think you’ll feel happy enough to attract ANY clients, but the truth is that your ideal client will help you perform at your best. These are the clients most likely to continue to work with you – and tell others how wonderful you are. If you’d love to work with more clients who love what you do and how you do it, you’ll get so much out of this module.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to identify + energetically attract your ideal client.

  • How to dissolve barriers that may keep you from attracting the clients you most want to work with.




You need to be congruent with what you’re charging in order to attract clients who are also happy to pay your fees and know they get great value. You also need to have the confidence in yourself and your abilities and the knowledge that your services are actually worth far MORE than what you charge.

In this module, you will learn:

  • Practical techniques to help you set fees that not only match the value you provide, but that your ideal clients are happy to pay.

  • How to shift money blocks that keep you in energetic wedlock to your current fees.

We will have one week of integration after this module with no new content.




Money brings up huge emotions + blocks for many entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs have beliefs around needing to work extremely hard to make money, or feel that certain money goals are simply out of their reach. This module focuses on helping you create the financial abundance you desire from a place of energetic ease.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What specific blocks are preventing you from creating the monthly or yearly revenue you want to create.

  • How to dissolve outdated beliefs about money that are holding you back.

  • How to release fear + overwhelm around your money.




What are the unseen blocks that are preventing you attracting the number of clients or course participants you want? Often we might say we want more clients or course participants – but subconsciously we’re actually blocking it. The changes we need to make in order to attract more clients are very often internal (and once that’s clear, you’ll find taking the practical, real-world actions required will be so much easier).

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to uncover the blocks preventing you attracting the numbers you actually want.

  • Shift these blocks so that external actions are aligned with your inner state.

  • How to dissolve the inner barriers to filling the course you’ve poured your heart + soul into.

Align + Attract eCourse is perfect for you, if:

  • Money stuff stresses you out in your business and you want to feel confident and sure of yourself around pricing and your income goals.

  • You’re experiencing a lot of fear or low-grade fear over an extended period (this is doing more harm than good).

  • You are constantly looking outside yourself for answers and want to learn to tap into your own wisdom.

  • You feel like you’re not attracting your ideal clients (or enough of them).

  • You’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed (often within a set amount of time).

  • You’re worried about what others will think of you if you raise or restructure your prices.

  • You want your business to offer fun + freedom (not just hard work + high-risk).

  • You’re constantly thinking about what your competitors are doing or seeking external validation for your choices. (When you’re truly aligned…. you won’t care what other people think!)


Align + Attract is probably not going to serve you, if:

  • You’re not open to discover how your body’s energetic architecture creates your success.

  • You’re hopelessly devoted to doing more external stuff on your business (you’re just not going to do the inner work).

  • You want somebody else to take responsibility for the success of your business (sorry – I’m all for empowering entrepreneurs).

We are the drivers of our divine experience. Nothing outside of you, that is happening right now, holds more power over you than your own self-limiting or fear-based beliefs. Kinesiology heads to the source of these subconscious beliefs – your body.


Alignment is crucial to attracting the fees, clients + numbers your business needs for you to feel really strong + supported.


Because when you’re aligned ~

  • Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are connected.

  • You attract lots of the kinds of clients you like to work with – motivated, committed, reliable clients who love what you do and spread the word.

  • You have enough energy to sustain you.

  • You believe in yourself + especially your ability to serve your clients.

  • You feel safe and supported.

  • You have healthy beliefs around money.

  • Opportunities, creativity + joy flows freely.


However, when you’re locked in fear-mode ~

  • You cannot attract the most rewarding clients to work with you.

  • You inhibit a healthy flow of money, creativity + joy in your life.

  • Receiving (time, money, opportunities) is harder than it needs to be.

  • You feel shaky about what you’re offering + your prospective customers sense that.

  • You continually doubt your ability to deliver what you promise.

  • You can’t even appreciate the money you are making or the value you offer.

  • You are reliant on external affirmation to bolster your self-esteem.


As entrepreneurs we do need to spend a lot of time on the external stuff. But as you’ve probably sensed by now: there are other forces at play.


Do you know how to bring yourself back into alignment when you fall into fear or overwhelm?

How much attention do you give to the most important factor in your life – the health of your energy system?


And it is my great pleasure to introduce you to a program unlike any other, a program that is designed from my own personal challenges and from working with hundreds of women, just like you, who have somewhere lost their inner power - power to receive love, money, joy, abundance, clarity, passion and alignment.


If you are here - firstly, welcome sister!

And secondly, my bet is that you may be experiencing some - or all - of the symptoms below;


♢ Unable to speak your truth;

♢ Stuck in a job you hate or feel like you don’t have the confidence to find something more aligned;

♢ You know you are ready to make changes in your life but just not sure where to start;

♢ You are a high achiever in your career but often feel like you are never good enough or success in how you perceive it is just out of reach;

♢ On the outside you are perceived by others as ‘successful’ yet you can’t ignore that empty feeling inside that there must be something more;

♢ You struggle to find and let love in, or worse, keep attracting ‘Mr Wrong’;

♢ You find yourself desiring more financial freedom and abundance;

♢ Money feels like it slips through your fingers even though you have a healthy paycheck;

♢ You find yourself playing small and staying in your comfort zone;

♢ You are ruled by procrastination and self doubt.


Well Divine One, know it does not have to be this way.


In fact it is your Divine Right to experience a life of abundance, of joy, of passion, of adventure, or clarity and purpose.


It is your Divine Right to ALIGN + THRIVE.


Week 1

♢ How the mind & body connection works and how kinesiology can help get the answers from within so you learn to tap deeper into your intuition.

♢ Tap into those limiting beliefs and learn to leave them behind so you can start to play big in the world.

♢ Learn how to set powerful intentions so that you can tap into your hearts desires and start manifesting more into your life.


Week 2

♢ Learn a powerful technique called ESR and other amazing tools to alleviate stress and burnout and live a life alignment.


Week 3

♢ We dive deep into a life changing process which uncover’s and clear’s deep rooted emotional patterns so that you can unleash your inner goddess and expand your vision to see the unlimited brilliance within yourself.


Week 4

♢ We learn and implement ways to move out of fear and doubt so you can start to trust your inner guidance and get more clarity and certainty in all areas of your life.




♢  Weekly LIVE calls with me and other amazing like minded women, where nothing is off limits. We will go through the course content and there will be time for questions after each session.


♢  Each call will go for 1.5 hours and will be recorded for you to re-visit at any time.


♢  A private community - You will be invited to our private Facebook group, a supportive, positive space for you to connect.


♢  Unlimited facebook support (In office hours) as we all know at times we may need some advice and encouragement in between calls.


♢  A beautifully designed workbook for you to use during each call and for you to keep for future use.



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