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Give the gift of energetic balance with a Body Psychology Session Gift Card.


The perfect way to release tension and restore free flowing energy to the body, brining balance and harmony back to life.

Body Psychology® is a combination of Kinesiology and Massage based on Ancient Chinese Acupunture theory and practice that finds the real source of disharmony in mind, body and spirit and brings it back into balance.

It is a unique system that identifies muscle dysfunction, corrects imbalances and identifies the underlying stress patterns and psychology causing the problem, leaving you relaxed and in alignment physically, mentally and emotionally - for weeks not just days.


Each Body Psychology® session is tailor made to suit each client's individual need and will generally include a 30min assessment and correction of all energetic systems of your body - meridians, chakras, auric fields - followed by a 1hr Remedial Massage to enhance the balance.


Whether for yourself of someone special, give the gift that gets your body balanced and life back on track with a Body Psychology® session today!


Gift Card - Body Psychology® Session

SKU: GiftCard
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