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Never Get A Cold Again

How would you like to stop a cold in it's tracks and boost your immune system so you never caught another cold, sniffle, cough or sore throat again - just by taking one natural supplement?

Sound too good to be true? Well, decades of scientific research, into how the body uses the natural amino acid, Glutamine, has proven it can do just that and more!

It's not only a natural amino acid that is safe and highly effective in boosting immune function, it also improves gut health, helps build muscle mass, improves mental cognition and reduces inflammation in the body.

So why isn't everyone taking it?

For the most part, Glutamine is regarded as a "non essential"amino acid, which means your body can produce enough of it that additional supplementation isn't necessary. However, during times of stress, it becomes “conditionally essential”, which means it's absolutely vital, because your body needs much greater amounts than it's able to produce itself in order to support proper brain, immune and nervous system function, protect the gut barrier and facilitate the effective use of protein - all of which are essential to your survival.

What most people aren't aware of is how high their stress levels actually are and how critically overcompensated their bodies have become from regular day-to-day stresses before they even introduce infection. This is critically important to understand, so let me explain.

I first came across a reference to Glutamine over 10 years ago in a bodybuilding article that made reference to a scientific study showing how cancer patients had been able to prevent muscle wastage and build muscle mass lost during treatment by regularly using the supplement after strength training workouts. It showed that supplementing with Glutamine was a natural way of stimulating the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) that not only increased muscle mass, but improved fat metabolism as well - so of course I was interested!

What it didn't say, is that lifting weights is like any other stress on the body - it causes a dip in the immune system for a couple of hours after the session as the body works to repair and recover. So if most people have higher stress levels than they realise and any kind of stress - even the ones that are good for us - can have a negative impact on our immune system response, Glutamine, it would seem, is more "essential" than not.

From personal experience, I can tell you that taking a good quality Glutamine supplement regularly can completely transform your health. After a case glandular fever in my late teens left me with a seriously compromised immune system and chronic fatigue, I spent almost 20 years being one of those people who caught every strain of cold, flue, tonsillitis, bronchitis and any other bug going around - regardless of how healthy my lifestyle was - until I stumbled onto a good quality brand of L-Glutamine. It changed everything.

Almost immediately I noticed how much more resilient I was - I wasn't catching any of the colds and other illnesses going around and even better, if I took it when I felt like I was getting a sore throat, swollen glands, or the sniffles, I'd recover within 24 to 48 hours and the cold wouldn't eventuate. Not being sick all the time, or worried about getting sick, gave me the confidence and strength to improve my performance across every area of life and finally reach my potential.

Sometimes your body just needs a little help to be at its best and adding Glutamine to your diet can be as simple as eating: turkey, broccoli, asparagus, cottage cheese, cabbage, spirulina, grass-fed beef, bone broth, venison, and wild-caught fish. Ultimately though, during times of stress, or if you have poor immunity or gut health you’ll benefit from taking a supplement.

You can easily buy Glutamine as "L-Glutamine" from any Health Food or Supplement store, it comes as a white powder and is relatively tasteless when mixed in cold water, but please BEWARE, despite what many sales reps will tell you, not all L-Glutamine is made equal. Look for either "micronised", or "vegetable sourced fermented" 100% pure L-Glutamine powder, as the particles are finer and more easily absorbed by the body, delivering significantly better results.

Let me say it again, look for either, "micronised", or "vegetable sourced fermented" 100% Pure L-Glutamine powder and if you're not getting the results described in this article, CHANGE YOUR BRAND! Because, to put it bluntly, using regular L-Glutamine will be about as effective as drinking a glass of sand - only way more expensive!

With the right brand and regular supplementation, L-Glutamine, is hands down the best natural immunity booster you will ever use and a sure fire cure for any winter bugs this season and all year round!

Please share this tip with everyone you know, so more people can begin experiencing incredible levels of health and wellness naturally.

If you have any questions about this or any other health topic, I'd love to hear from you. Stay up to date with all Kinesiology Co. health and wellness updates, by getting social with us, or get in touch with Robyn directly.

As always, please remember to check with your GP if you are already taking prescription medications before making any changes to diet and supplement regimes, or if any health issue persists and always follow the supplement manufacturer's directions when it comes to use and dosage.

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