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Beat the Blues

Updated: Feb 19


Self love can be one of the the most challenging aspects of your 'self' to develop. Indeed, when I ask people if they have unconditional love for themselves, it is the question people most often answer, "no", to. It's also one of the easiest aspects of ourselves to completely transform for the better - with a little practice.

First it's necessary to understand, that whether you are talking about psychology or the spiritual beliefs of first nation's cultures around the world, they both have the same understanding of that ultimate aspect of 'self', calling it either Spirit, or the unconscious mind.

In order to develop self love you must first know that:

  • YOUR Spirit (unconscious mind) is the most powerful force in the universe

  • It knows EVERYTHING

  • Its entire purpose is to rearrange the universe to make it exactly the way you want it - based on your thoughts

  • It always has your back and

  • Everything always works out.

Based on that premise, if your Spirit is the most powerful force in the universe, that makes you incredibly powerful. You don't need anything outside of you to make you better, you're brilliant just as you are. Certainly you can learn more, do more, be more and improve in any way you want in life - that's evolution - but in every present moment you are completely brilliant just the way you are. You don't need anything outside of you, you have everything you need within you and consequently, nothing outside of you means anything about you. Unfortunately, however, it is the measure of things outside of us that we measure ourselves by that is the cause of all our self doubt.

It’s inevitable in this fast paced, social media focused world we live in that

you might feel a sense of self doubt from time to time. Whether you think you’re not smart enough, rich enough, tall enough, pretty enough - or any of the other ‘enoughs’ you think you’re not. However, when you doubt yourself, you are measuring yourself by those things outside of you, that don't mean anything about you and you are doubting that YOUR Spirit is the most powerful force in the universe.

The one practice you can do anywhere, anytime to restore unshakable self love is... any time you think you're not enough in ANY way, immediately understand that you are just out of alignment with your Spirit. Remember that YOUR Spirit is the most powerful force in the universe, it knows everything, it always has your back, you're always in exactly the right place at exactly the right time and everything you do will always work out.

Living your brilliance might be something you have to lean into at first, but with regular practice - checking self doubts and identifying what you are actually measuring yourself by - you will find that in every case it is something outside of you that never meant anything about you anyway. Each time you realign yourself in this way, you will not only be coming back into alignment with your Spirit, you'll be strengthening your sense of who you are, how brilliant you are and your unconditional love for yourself will grow.

Now put this practice into action everyday and live your best life!


Of course there are often aspects of ourselves that are completely outside our conscious awareness that prevent us from moving forward. If you find yourself in a continuous loop of behaviour and life patterns that you want to break free from, kinesiology can help to clear those blocks to self-love you may have trouble shifting yourself.

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