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How to Beat Virus' and Bacteria Naturally

While nothing beats good personal hygiene, there are also natural ways you can support your body in fending off virus' and bacteria so you stay well all year round. Colloidal Silver is an age old and relatively unknown natural nutritional supplement with a long list of benefits that's making a come back for just that reason.

Ancient civilisations knew the benefits of silver as early as 4000 B.C., with the Caldeans using silver to prevent and treat infections. Hippocrates discussed the benefits of silver in reducing the risk of infection in wound care and even the Persian king Cirrus refused to drink any water that hadn't been stored in silver containers as they kept it fresh for years. Later in the 1700's the privileged classes - referred to as 'blue bloods' due to their use of silver eating utensils and the blue-grey discolouration it left on their skin - were found to be ingesting silver every time they ate, which was reported to be associated with a reduced mortality rate during epidemics of plague and other infectious diseases. In fact, silver continued to be used as a germicide and disinfectant prior to the development of modern antibiotics in the 1940s and it is still used in many medical products and processes today.

Colloidal Silver is particularly effective because it is made up of nanoparticles fo sliver suspended in water that are so fine they are able to penetrate every cell of your body. It is known to reduce inflammation, kill viruses and bacteria - including bacteria that is antibiotic resistant, kill some pathogenic yeasts including Candida, fungus, parasites and it's also proven to be useful in combatting infections, being used in eyedrops

and hospital burns units to help ward off infection and promote healing. Unlike antibiotics that kill all bacteria, colloidal silver only kills pathological, not friendly bacteria.

A good quality colloidal silver has particles between 1 and 500 nanometers and will clearly label its concentration in 'PPM'. It may be a little more difficult to find in your local health food store right now, but definitely worth tracking down if you have any of the above concerns or just want to boost your overall health.

As always, please remember to check with your GP if you are already taking prescription medications before making any changes to diet and supplement regimes, or if any health issue persists and always follow the supplement manufacturer's directions when it comes to use and dosage.

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