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Why Body Psychology® Massage?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

What if you could get a massage that not only released tight muscles, but found the corresponding weak muscles and switched them back on, as well as telling you what the underlying psychological, energetic and emotional imbalance was that created the issue in the first place?

That is a Body Psychology® Massage.

More than just relaxing or tonifying muscles, we look at the body's electrics to see what's really going on. After all, our body is constantly running on unconscious electrical impulses - from the beating of our heart to our breathing, the smallest blink of an eye, to the 200 muscles we use just to take one step forward - but who knew we had to check our wiring and how do you do that anyway?

Using a combination of traditional Chinese acupoints and meridians along with muscle monitoring and correction techniques of sports and energetic kinesiology, correct function is assessed and the underlying stress patterns released to bring body, mind and spirit back into balance.

With specific massages for: anxiety and stress; emotional trauma; postural imbalance; fatigue; flexibility; learning difficulties; balance and co-ordination and sporting performance, a Body Psychology® Massage can have you feeling better than ever.

If you'd like to feel the difference a Body Psychology® Massage can make, call or book online today!

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